Friday, July 27, 2007

Atoosa Rulez

courtesy of gawker. they/she cracks me up:

Can you believe Lindsay has gotten in trouble again? Let me know your take on it.
Here's my take:
When you are in recovery for ANY addiction, you have to get yourself AWAY from all the things that triggered you. You can't just wear an alcohol monitor on your ankle and keep going out with your party friends.
Even with me - I realized I was a work addict and that even though I'd left my job, by being in NYC, I was still being triggered by all the same things that made me workaholic. That's why I've decided to spend the summer in the Hamptons.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

one more thing, about kenfucky...

i'm going to be eating here in the morning. i am very excited about this. it's right across the street from the days inn.



i mean. kentucky.

im stuck here. in a days inn motel. in transit to san francisco for my lady friends wedding. its very dark here, and the men don't seem to wear shirts or have any teeth. (from what i saw at the gas station).

that's all.


Monday, July 9, 2007

Biennial Clothing Swap. This Sunday, beyoootches.

That's right. I will be opening my apartment for another clothing swap with my lovely neighbor, this Sunday.

Email me for the deets. Clean out your closets. Leftovers will be donated. I have no clue what the picture above means, but it was one of the first to come up on google when looking for a clothing swap picture.

Sunday. 130pm. Get there early to get first dibs before it all just turns in to size zero pants and dirty wifebeaters!