Wednesday, May 30, 2007

a more tasteful post

perfection. last time i attempted to make the Fineman's salmon croquette's, they didn't turn out very well. i screwed up the sauce (so there WAS no sauce last time), and they were a little dry... and meh. well, this time, they turned out very well. here is a pic, with last nights left over wrinkly asparagus. i managed to snap a picture seconds before i devoured this plate. allikins and the finemans would be very proud! now i have a new dish to serve at dinner parties, and it's definitely a great quick dinner to prepare for when i get home late from work.

here is the recipe. i hope that the fineman's don't mind me sharing it. there were some modifications that i made to it that i'll keep my little secret, but this is what i went from.

Potato- poke holes in it and microwave it for 2-3min. until its soft.
-chop it up into small cubes or just mash it to break it up.

-Onion- chop the onion into small slices/pieces
-in a skillet heat up 1tb. butter and sautee the onion and butter lightly.

-Put the onion and the potato to the side to cool.

-Salmon- Pour the salmon bits into a large bowl.
-season with salt, pepper and I like some crushed garlic but not necessary.
-add in the onion, potato and 1 large egg
-stir it up!

-heat the skillet and cover the bottom of the pan with veg. oil
-wash your hands and then make patties
-I like to coat them in cornmeal before cooking, but not necessary
-lay them gently in the skillet once the oil is HOT. (test it by throwing a little fish in, it should float and sizzle.)
-let them cook for about 3-5 min on med.- med.high heat
-flip and repeat. -let drain on a plate with paper towel.

-melt 1 tb. butter in a sauce pan.
-pour in 1 cup of milk and stir to mix butter and milk
-let it get warmed up, then stir in with a wisk 1/2 cup flour.
-keep whisking the sauce while its on the heat until it starts to get stiff.
-then add pepper and a pinch of nutmeg and stir again
-take pan off the heat set to the side, serve when ready.
(you can double this recipe for more sauce,
but i just wing it by eyeball adding in more milk and then slowly pour in more flour and pepper/nutmeg,,,whisk quickly)

my blog just turned dirty

sorry. but i had to share this. JACKHAMMER JESUS!!! bwaahahahahahahaha! Props go to Steile for this one!

summer 81, and random fall picture

i love my moms handwriting. this was written on the backs of the two pics below.

i posted this red sweater picture for violette to see, for homemade clothing inspiration. correct me if i'm wrong (mom:) ), but i think that my grandmother made this for me. it's very reminiscent of the lettering that my grandma used to cut out from gold paper, and would glue on our individual christmas boxes every year. i wish that i still had one of those to show off too. my grandma is 92, and i get my crafty/arsty side from her.

and then here i am in the fall... i'm guessing this was fall '82, '83?

Monday, May 28, 2007

meet, Bobby & Lulu

Let me introduce you to the two latest beautiful additions to my apartment, Bobby (left) and Lulu(right). Fuller Schitt,(click his name to find his find from his childhood!) and LWJ and i took a road trip on Sunday to Cape May, Dirty Jerz. I didn't really know what to expect, didn't read a thing about it before taking the parkway all the way down to the end, but was pleasantly surprised to find a little old town on coast of new jersey with beautiful victorian architecture, little eateries, and countless antique stores. We only had the chance to go to one after sitting on the beach, but.... my god... lerdy... little, sweet baby hay-sue, i must say............... i thought that i LURVED salvation army stores...... jeez oh petes, but this store full of antiques mades me so excited, i can't even type dsfksdjflksjoI!!!!!. where we went wasn't even full of pickovers. it was so good, that i could have spent hours in that place.

I got two vintage "hawaiian busts, 28 dollars for the pair"(that was handwritten on the folded price card) and two vintage magazines. one on guns and ammo (not that i have a thing for guns, but i loved the craziness of this publication, and another one on beauty. the captions in the beauty magazine are so scanworthy, that i promise to put them up at some point this week.

and this white paper bag, chock-full of typographical goodness came from a lot of around 500. they were a dollar each. i got one for miss steile, janakins, ladykave, and one for myself. appropriate for placement above a young womans stove, of course.

i'll be back there again for sure. but i fear that cape may just opened another door to a delayed antiques/kitchy fetish that has always been buried deeply within. on the way back, LWJ and fuller agreed that we'd make this an annual trip, but in all honestly, i know i won't be able to make it that long.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hard Cor

i thought that this series of pictures related to one another. i still make all of these faces.

as you can see, i've been hard cor since my early days. i had my posse of girls, and we'd rollerskate in my basement. and that's right... it's yet another one of my dad's photo shoots where he captured us in the middle of a basement skating session (my dad is a photographer, if ya haven't figured that out by now!)

okay. here is me and john rogers. he's in jail now, but he was my crush all the way from kindercare up until we got to about 5 grade i think. he always treated me like crap, and i would even take a wild guess and say that i probably *asked* if i could sit next to him during whatever school performance we were attending. the look on my face here is classic.

and then you have me here at safety town. i looked PISSED. safety town is where they teach you the rules of the road on big wheels. that was a lot of fun. red light stop green light go. pedestrians, etc. but they were probably trying to explain something to us here, and i wasnt trying to hear it, which is why i looked so Hard Cor.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Got a phone call around 7 this evening asking if I could look after my (almost) 5 year old cousin. I have to admit, that I wasn't exactly thrilled, because I was just in a weird mood, and didn't feel like socializing, or leaving my house--and I certainly wasn't in the mood to smile a lot tonight. That all changed though, once her parents said that she could spend the evening with me in my apartment while they went to see a flick. It all became okay when that meant I wouldnt have to change out of my pajamas and go outside in the cold rain.

I was in my own world, and realized upon hearing my buzzer that I didn't have any form of entertainment for a 5 year old. By the time my cousin got here, it was around 9, so I was lucky that I didn't have to figure out an entire days worth of fun, and I quickly came up with a plan! Painting! (notice the non-kid proof acrylic paint, that totally ruined her blue pants at the end of the night, by the way... I was a good older cousin in that I gave her my ugly pink tshirt to wear as a smock, but didn't take her pants in to consideration)

I love my little cousin, and was there the day she was born. I used to live in the same block as her family until I moved a 5 minute bike ride up to Dark Slope, but it seriously just isn't the same now, not having them a 2 second walk around the corner anymore. Her and Pozzo are the same age, but they hate one another. Whenever she comes over, Pozzo (literally) has a hissy fit, and K stays as far away from him as possible. But when K's mom comes over and Pozzo hisses and hollers, it's hilarious because she hisses right back at him and sets Pozzo in his place.

She got dropped off tonight at my apartment with a yellow spongebob backback (with balloons and some toys), a pink Dora backpack (with her pajayays), and some very good conversation. We talked about her upcoming birthday party, and how it will be in Prospect Park with a chocolate Snow-white cake. She's going to have two of these. Her father will barbeque for all of her friends... and then when we were having pillow talk, she told me how God was Jesus' cousin or something weird... but I think that she only said that because WE'RE cousins, and she was fading fast. I don't know where the whole God convo came from in the first place, so random.

Anyway, her favorite color is yellow. And painting with her made me realize just how...well, jaded I am now. Look at her painting, and then look at mine:



when i was creating this, i wasn't paying any attention really. i was explaining the concept of collage to K, and was just kinda tearing out things that got my attention from last weeks newspaper ads. well, after taking photos of this, i don't think it's too hard to see where my mind is... money, wang (that's what the brown thing in the middle looks like to me!), and a new pair of specs, and some flowers. i don't know what the racoon thing in the corner means, or the asian girl looking down, or why on earth i chose suzy orman to put on my canvas, when she is really annoying to me... but this little painting of mine tells a lot about what's on my mind these days methinks.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Pozzo, the cat.

For those of you that have never met Pozzo in person, here is a picture of him. This is him in the moment... i couldnt have captured a better picture.

He sleeps like that. Gut sprawled to the side... knocked out. He never curls up like a "normal" cat... i just looked over and there he was, as usual, taking up residence on (his) the couch. If I ever want him to move, he get pissed and meows at me, and the end result is me pushing him off of the couch (or whatever soft surface he's belly up on), and him walking away mad with squinted eyes and a switching tail.

I haven't been home much lately. Clearly my hard work, and overpriced new york city rent goes to this precious catten, mister pazzo... and he proves this to me by sprawling out all over the place.

Also, not a typo...I either type his name Pozzo or Pazzo. His name came from the crazy character in Waiting for Gidot, which in the manuscript is written as Pozzo... but I just spell it with an A sometimes.

a friday night for elliette devine

i spent the night doing this. i am so cool.

*was too lazy to photoshop in my face on top of the smiling ladies face. but just imagine me smiling, and that was me. oh, and my floors are wood, not checkered.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Alright, back to the good stuff.

Here are two pictures from my black jon-benet series. Told you there were plenty more where the last one came from. I had to dance. With that bear. That's why there was a bear.

Photo shoot:

In action:

And here is a "where's waldo pic of sorts". I remember, I really did set up my bed that way numerous times when I couldn't pick just one animal to sleep with.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Not Bad!

Quick post. I am quite pleased with the first round of listings. I sold 6 out of 11 items. New listings are up now, and I look foward to seeing how those go. My 13 fliers also got attention! One of my favorite bloggers saw my flier on the way to the subway,and my lovely neighbor reebs also was excited to see one on her way home. Talked to my cousin this evening, and she said that she saw a sign that had more than half of the little tags ripped off on her side of town, so I definitely think that the fliers are a good idea!! I hung those up after it was raining out, so they must have looked nice and fresh this morning.

Enough about the store. Look for a good kid picture tomorrow. It's about time I posted one of those, isn't it...? I'm slippin!

Friday, May 11, 2007

oh boy, oh boy! what is going to happen?!

hey everybody! i am taking a break from the work i'm doing for next weeks listings. i realized i've not blogged all week. it's been purtee busy for me lately. in real, and virtual vintage store life.

anywhoo, okay... so... my first round of bids end on sunday right after the sopranos (that was my brothers idea). here is a sneak peek of my little "sellers dashboard" of sorts...

i don't have many bids yet, but i DO have some "watchers", so that makes me feel good. i've also had several people email me with questions (not sure if they are the "watchers" or not). i am crossing my fingers that there will be virtual cat fighting going on behind the scenes come bids end.

exactly 13 fliers were made that i'm going to hang around my hood, and fort greene tomorrow. i'm taking blue betty out for a spin, and plan on plastering light poles with glittermini spam along the way.

i'm excited!! i want to know what my bids will bring on sunday! what will sell, what will not? will it all be worth it??? only time will tell!!!

p.s. i totally ruffled the little tabs on the bottoms of all of those fliers so that people would be tempted to just rip one off! tee hee.

p.s.s before you send me an email, yep, i know. i effed up in putting "bids end on sunday 5/12" i've already crossed out and fixed that "12" to a 13" on the printouts..... oooops.

p.s.s.s if no one bids on that grey dress in the corner of the flier, i don't think i'd even mind. i love that dress, and it will just be my gift to me. as of now, no bids on it, and no watchers. so that might have to stay in my permanent collection.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

glittermini vintage has been launched

that's right. i have 10(was supposed to have 11, but one is missing, and i have no clue why! i'll figure it out tomorrow) items listed. i'm very happy. place your bids my friends... get some new/old awesome threads! glittermini vintage has joined the world of ebay stores!


bid, my babies, bid!