Sunday, May 13, 2007

Not Bad!

Quick post. I am quite pleased with the first round of listings. I sold 6 out of 11 items. New listings are up now, and I look foward to seeing how those go. My 13 fliers also got attention! One of my favorite bloggers saw my flier on the way to the subway,and my lovely neighbor reebs also was excited to see one on her way home. Talked to my cousin this evening, and she said that she saw a sign that had more than half of the little tags ripped off on her side of town, so I definitely think that the fliers are a good idea!! I hung those up after it was raining out, so they must have looked nice and fresh this morning.

Enough about the store. Look for a good kid picture tomorrow. It's about time I posted one of those, isn't it...? I'm slippin!

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