Friday, May 11, 2007

oh boy, oh boy! what is going to happen?!

hey everybody! i am taking a break from the work i'm doing for next weeks listings. i realized i've not blogged all week. it's been purtee busy for me lately. in real, and virtual vintage store life.

anywhoo, okay... so... my first round of bids end on sunday right after the sopranos (that was my brothers idea). here is a sneak peek of my little "sellers dashboard" of sorts...

i don't have many bids yet, but i DO have some "watchers", so that makes me feel good. i've also had several people email me with questions (not sure if they are the "watchers" or not). i am crossing my fingers that there will be virtual cat fighting going on behind the scenes come bids end.

exactly 13 fliers were made that i'm going to hang around my hood, and fort greene tomorrow. i'm taking blue betty out for a spin, and plan on plastering light poles with glittermini spam along the way.

i'm excited!! i want to know what my bids will bring on sunday! what will sell, what will not? will it all be worth it??? only time will tell!!!

p.s. i totally ruffled the little tabs on the bottoms of all of those fliers so that people would be tempted to just rip one off! tee hee.

p.s.s before you send me an email, yep, i know. i effed up in putting "bids end on sunday 5/12" i've already crossed out and fixed that "12" to a 13" on the printouts..... oooops.

p.s.s.s if no one bids on that grey dress in the corner of the flier, i don't think i'd even mind. i love that dress, and it will just be my gift to me. as of now, no bids on it, and no watchers. so that might have to stay in my permanent collection.


Violette Crumble said...

I'm sure you know, but just to make you feel better real ebayers wait until the last few seconds to bid and then everything goes nuts. Can't wait to see what you earn!

kangsta said...

i saw one of your fliers on my way to the subway this morning!