Saturday, May 19, 2007


Got a phone call around 7 this evening asking if I could look after my (almost) 5 year old cousin. I have to admit, that I wasn't exactly thrilled, because I was just in a weird mood, and didn't feel like socializing, or leaving my house--and I certainly wasn't in the mood to smile a lot tonight. That all changed though, once her parents said that she could spend the evening with me in my apartment while they went to see a flick. It all became okay when that meant I wouldnt have to change out of my pajamas and go outside in the cold rain.

I was in my own world, and realized upon hearing my buzzer that I didn't have any form of entertainment for a 5 year old. By the time my cousin got here, it was around 9, so I was lucky that I didn't have to figure out an entire days worth of fun, and I quickly came up with a plan! Painting! (notice the non-kid proof acrylic paint, that totally ruined her blue pants at the end of the night, by the way... I was a good older cousin in that I gave her my ugly pink tshirt to wear as a smock, but didn't take her pants in to consideration)

I love my little cousin, and was there the day she was born. I used to live in the same block as her family until I moved a 5 minute bike ride up to Dark Slope, but it seriously just isn't the same now, not having them a 2 second walk around the corner anymore. Her and Pozzo are the same age, but they hate one another. Whenever she comes over, Pozzo (literally) has a hissy fit, and K stays as far away from him as possible. But when K's mom comes over and Pozzo hisses and hollers, it's hilarious because she hisses right back at him and sets Pozzo in his place.

She got dropped off tonight at my apartment with a yellow spongebob backback (with balloons and some toys), a pink Dora backpack (with her pajayays), and some very good conversation. We talked about her upcoming birthday party, and how it will be in Prospect Park with a chocolate Snow-white cake. She's going to have two of these. Her father will barbeque for all of her friends... and then when we were having pillow talk, she told me how God was Jesus' cousin or something weird... but I think that she only said that because WE'RE cousins, and she was fading fast. I don't know where the whole God convo came from in the first place, so random.

Anyway, her favorite color is yellow. And painting with her made me realize just how...well, jaded I am now. Look at her painting, and then look at mine:



when i was creating this, i wasn't paying any attention really. i was explaining the concept of collage to K, and was just kinda tearing out things that got my attention from last weeks newspaper ads. well, after taking photos of this, i don't think it's too hard to see where my mind is... money, wang (that's what the brown thing in the middle looks like to me!), and a new pair of specs, and some flowers. i don't know what the racoon thing in the corner means, or the asian girl looking down, or why on earth i chose suzy orman to put on my canvas, when she is really annoying to me... but this little painting of mine tells a lot about what's on my mind these days methinks.

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Violette Crumble said...

She must have been psyched to come paint at your place. Soo fun.