Monday, May 28, 2007

meet, Bobby & Lulu

Let me introduce you to the two latest beautiful additions to my apartment, Bobby (left) and Lulu(right). Fuller Schitt,(click his name to find his find from his childhood!) and LWJ and i took a road trip on Sunday to Cape May, Dirty Jerz. I didn't really know what to expect, didn't read a thing about it before taking the parkway all the way down to the end, but was pleasantly surprised to find a little old town on coast of new jersey with beautiful victorian architecture, little eateries, and countless antique stores. We only had the chance to go to one after sitting on the beach, but.... my god... lerdy... little, sweet baby hay-sue, i must say............... i thought that i LURVED salvation army stores...... jeez oh petes, but this store full of antiques mades me so excited, i can't even type dsfksdjflksjoI!!!!!. where we went wasn't even full of pickovers. it was so good, that i could have spent hours in that place.

I got two vintage "hawaiian busts, 28 dollars for the pair"(that was handwritten on the folded price card) and two vintage magazines. one on guns and ammo (not that i have a thing for guns, but i loved the craziness of this publication, and another one on beauty. the captions in the beauty magazine are so scanworthy, that i promise to put them up at some point this week.

and this white paper bag, chock-full of typographical goodness came from a lot of around 500. they were a dollar each. i got one for miss steile, janakins, ladykave, and one for myself. appropriate for placement above a young womans stove, of course.

i'll be back there again for sure. but i fear that cape may just opened another door to a delayed antiques/kitchy fetish that has always been buried deeply within. on the way back, LWJ and fuller agreed that we'd make this an annual trip, but in all honestly, i know i won't be able to make it that long.


steile futura said...

thank you for assisting me in the eternal struggle to save my hands! these sings are beauteous!

i feel all wussy now, not having a blog and all, but i usually quench my exhibitionistic desires by leaving the blinds up.

much love,

kangsta said...

those busts are a-may-zing. i've wanted to decorate my house with wig and mannequin heads, and assorted busts for years and years, but i thoght that people would think i was a serial killer.