Thursday, March 29, 2007

I don't know what this means either...perhaps you do.

this random picture was also in that pile of old family photos that i have. it was a picture that i totally rememeber snapping as a kid. i think it was a sign somewhere. but what is it? huhwha?! i dunno. do you?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What is happening here?

You must leave a comment. What is going on here? I am the one in the red swimming suit. Looking forward to your interpretations on this.

my momma

here are 4 pictures of my mom, and a kickass picture of my dad in the 80s with a grumpy santa clause wearing air force ones (i wonder where those actual sneakers are, and how much theyd be worth now. i will post a little strip of good dad pictures tomorrow.

Oh, it's ON highclassjackass!

you think YOU have creepy childhood pictures? this one of me takes the cake. i had another one of me when i was holding a teddy bear in this rediculous tap dancing recital outfit with my head tilted, but i couldn't find it.

this week nothing too exciting is going on, so i will post 2 pictures a day. another will appear this afternoon. there are a lot more where this one came from.

i also have some awesome pictures of big c that i will post so that you can see how elegant she(still is of course) was back in the 60s-80s.

i wish that she hadn't donated all of her old clothes back then!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

everyone has a crazy neighbor

one of my good friends got this letter from her insane neighbors upstairs. please keep in mind, she works a 10-6 job, has a cute fat dog that barely moves...and she's just quiet in general.

but i got a big kick out of this letter

(i even took the time to print it out, crumble, and scan it so that it looked real!)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

you know you're a single girl in the wintertime that lives with a cat when...*warning, girly post part 2*

you come home and blog about how excited you are to fall asleep, and see how your hair will turn out in the morning!

i really need ladykave to help me with this HTML thing, so that i can link nicole's (and lady's, and HCJC's and brownbaby's, and violette's, and my other favorite pages) page a lot easier... but Nappyco gave me a lovely hair idea that i just had to try...sloppy two strand twists, accompanied by foam curlers. im going to fall asleep soon, and then i will see how it looks in the mern!

isnt that exciting???!?! oh the little things i can entertain myself with, and make myself happy about!

here are pictures of me in my little old lady curlers.

i hope that it turns out well. i predict i will shift a lot tonight during my beauty rest since i havent slept in curlers in over a decade (no joke).

here is a link to nicole/nappyco's cute flickr page in the meantime. she is my hair inspiration.

if it turns out well, i will take pictures. and if there are no pictures... well, then you know that it did not.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Vacation Day One *warning, very girly post below)

Today was a beautiful day. Ladykave and i went shopping, and i'd say I scored. I'd like to say that Lady is my shopping good luck charm, because I swear I never really find stuff in the city(that i pay more than 20bux for), but I found three pieces today that I'm convinced rubbed off from Lady's usual lucky finds. That girl is always getting great things when she goes to Beacon's, and so I felt very honored to have her with me today. (thank's for keeping me company on my first day off, man!)

I think that I spent half of the money that I said would be my "play" money when I hit the balmy streets today on my first day of my new york city "vacation". I am so excited about these three things, I had to be a total girl and post them for you.

1st find: My first spring dress of 2007. It looked tiny on the hanger. I always have the problem with vintage dress zippers not being able to close because of those teeny tiny waists. But this dress fit me perfectly. AND peep the eye-let back. Hot. And for once, I dont have to shorten it either. It was worth what I dished out for it (i just better not see it's twin when i go home for my salvation army shopping spree next month... because I'll be pissed. that happened once with this vest i bought. spent like 50bux on a vest a few years ago, and saw the exact same vest/same brand/size everything, but in a better color... for 2.99 hangin on the salvation army hanger. and it was at that moment that i swore off all overpriced nyc boutiques forever!! but, i got sucked back in today)

2nd find: Dexter boots. I wasn't expecting to find these. I've always admired them on other girls from afar, but they've either been way too expensive, or I've had a fear of breaking them in since theyre so well made and stiff. Well, today was my lucky day... because they were half off (yes, half off of 48bux, You do the math!) and they are broken in by whoever wore them before. I have no clue why someone would give away these boots (unless the person died, i really just don't understand why anyone would give them away!!). Theyre beautiful. My shotty photoshop silo job and blurry picture does NOT do them justice though.

3rd find: New Specs. From that awesome glasses place. New lenses will go in them tomorrow. I'm still on the hunt for kelly green glasses, and clear frames... but I guess these silver frames will just have to do for now.

Tomorrows Agenda:

1. I will go to Joyce, and enjoy a ham and cheese (if i'm lucky, they will have almond, but theyre rare) croissant with my usual large coffee with lotsa room for milk. And the Times. Can't say when the last time I read the paper in a coffee shop on a Tuesday morning was!
2. Hit up the china town cheap lenses place to put lenses in my new glasses
3. Get a massage (maybe I'll do this on wednesday though...)
4. Go to a museum of sorts to pass the time while my glasses are getting done.
5. Meet up with Lady to get the side of pork carcass for thursdays feast!! mmmm can't wait!

OH. and most importantly (and this should have been number one), I will get my eye brows done, because that picture, well, that picture speaks a thousand words.

...of to bed I go. with no alarm clock set. :-D