Wednesday, February 28, 2007

gotta love that craigslist

i finally met a nice young fellow i'd been emailing on and off with for the past few weeks. he wasn't the least bit scary, and i found him very interesting as a person. it was refreshing to meet someone new who i could carry on a conversation with from the moment we sat down for dinner. it wasn't awkward in my opinion, and of course these things can take the turn for the worse within seconds of setting eyes upon one another. he certainly didnt make me want to hail a cab and ditch him like that last CL date i went on last summer with the black fed-ex working-child having-lied about his age-republican dude--in fact, it was quite the opposite... i think that my craigslist date wanted to ditch me, because he seemed to want to get the check and run, and then he said he had an ill friend up the street that he had to bring soup to...(at like 10 at night..., and i don't think he had a can of campbells in his back pocket) in fact, i think that i used that line once to get away from someone, so i must admit, i took that as a sign that i'll probably never see him again, even though i'd really like to.

maybe he was telling the truth. who knows. but i wouldn't mind getting to know him better. i'm a sucker for a cute smart young man in glasses. god i love boys in glasses...

anywhoo, i did my usual google image search for my blogging inspirational photo and i loved this photo. i hope that it made you ROFLMAOLOLOLOLOL. because i rolled on the floor when i saw it!

Sunday, February 25, 2007


so, i have decided that my new favorite thing for 2007 will be new glasses. i want 9 pairs of glasses by the end of the year. i had brunch with two of my favorite people today, and one of my friends girlfriends is an accessories editor.she was at brunch too, and she is awesome...i'm going to *make* her be my friend (she just doesn't know it yet) haha.

anywhoo, she took me to the most awesome store ever, that had drawers and drawers full of beautiful vintage frames. metallic frames, cat eyes, square, oval, rhinestones... i could have spent hours there. and i decided to buy these. theyre super cute... i stuck with my signature design-nerd black frame, but these are awesome because they are a little bolder and they have two gold stars on the tips.

i can't wait to put lenses in them. right now, theyre mocking me because i can't wear them!

the next glasses that i'm on the hunt for are kelly green frames.

glasses are the new earrings baby! glasses are my new passion.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tuesdays are for brunch

Angelina is coming over today, and we're going to make a mid day feast. I see it as a celebration of sorts to us both reuniting with the working world.

I have two lovely steaks marinating in a medley of worchestshersshererire(sp!), olive oil, fresh garlic, thyme, cumin, fresh lime juice, and white pepper. the steaks will will be broiled around 2pm today, and will be accompanied by Ang's famous scalloped potatoes, and some sort of veggie. I'm thinking sauteed spinach, or broccoli, or both!

For dessert, we will have an afternoon viewing of Marie Antoinette, that my little mailman should be dropping off at some point today. It came out on DVD today! Woot, and I feel so priveledged to know that I will be taking the virginity of this brand spankin new netflix dvd.

And that is how I will spend the last day before I go back to cube land. Certainly didn't last as long as I thought that it was, and I didn't freak out as much as I did last year this time.


Thursday, February 8, 2007

No, 0, 0, 0,0, No

So far, here are a few lovely things about not working:

1. i can pick any washing machine i want!!! the laundromat was empty, and it it didn't take up half of my saturday
2. the sun shines in my apartment all day long. i don't think i ever realized how much sun my place gets. pozzocat is one lucky cat...he suns himself all day long.
3. the trains are empty! i can always get a seat!
4. i can watch oprah (although she doesn't have enough drama that's what dr. phil at 3pm is for)
5. i can listen to NPR all day and not get my radio shows interrupted by phone calls, or people swinging by my desk
6. i can drink beer at 4pm!!! (don't worry, it won't become a habit!)
7. i can cook my own breakfast and lunch. No more spending money on that stuff, and I've saved a lot of money so far by not filling up my cafeteria meal plan card
8. walks during the day are much needed, and nice. i don't know when the last time i got fresh air in the middle of the day was!!!
9. I can also pick any treadmill that I want, and no lines for machines! (well, this I am only imagining, since I haven't gone to the gym as promised yet. It's just been too damn cold to phathom going somewhere, and leaving with my pores all open from sweat.)

Tomorrow, I'm going to cut out the pattern for a jumper that Violette gave me. (more on that tomorrow)
I haven't perfected sewing yet, so i am going to do a trial run on a very cheap 2 yards of fabric that I got from JoAnn's when I was at home for Xmas. The last shirt that I made turned out to be a failure, and it hurt even more because the fabric was so pretty! So I promised myself that next time, I will make a "comp" first, and then I will move on to the real thing.

Well, there is little Pozzo sunning himself. My crappycannon conked out on me, so this picture is courtesty of my laptop camera.