Sunday, February 25, 2007


so, i have decided that my new favorite thing for 2007 will be new glasses. i want 9 pairs of glasses by the end of the year. i had brunch with two of my favorite people today, and one of my friends girlfriends is an accessories editor.she was at brunch too, and she is awesome...i'm going to *make* her be my friend (she just doesn't know it yet) haha.

anywhoo, she took me to the most awesome store ever, that had drawers and drawers full of beautiful vintage frames. metallic frames, cat eyes, square, oval, rhinestones... i could have spent hours there. and i decided to buy these. theyre super cute... i stuck with my signature design-nerd black frame, but these are awesome because they are a little bolder and they have two gold stars on the tips.

i can't wait to put lenses in them. right now, theyre mocking me because i can't wear them!

the next glasses that i'm on the hunt for are kelly green frames.

glasses are the new earrings baby! glasses are my new passion.

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Angelina said...

DEWD! spills....I need some frames, jsut cause!