Wednesday, February 28, 2007

gotta love that craigslist

i finally met a nice young fellow i'd been emailing on and off with for the past few weeks. he wasn't the least bit scary, and i found him very interesting as a person. it was refreshing to meet someone new who i could carry on a conversation with from the moment we sat down for dinner. it wasn't awkward in my opinion, and of course these things can take the turn for the worse within seconds of setting eyes upon one another. he certainly didnt make me want to hail a cab and ditch him like that last CL date i went on last summer with the black fed-ex working-child having-lied about his age-republican dude--in fact, it was quite the opposite... i think that my craigslist date wanted to ditch me, because he seemed to want to get the check and run, and then he said he had an ill friend up the street that he had to bring soup to...(at like 10 at night..., and i don't think he had a can of campbells in his back pocket) in fact, i think that i used that line once to get away from someone, so i must admit, i took that as a sign that i'll probably never see him again, even though i'd really like to.

maybe he was telling the truth. who knows. but i wouldn't mind getting to know him better. i'm a sucker for a cute smart young man in glasses. god i love boys in glasses...

anywhoo, i did my usual google image search for my blogging inspirational photo and i loved this photo. i hope that it made you ROFLMAOLOLOLOLOL. because i rolled on the floor when i saw it!

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