Tuesday, March 20, 2007

you know you're a single girl in the wintertime that lives with a cat when...*warning, girly post part 2*

you come home and blog about how excited you are to fall asleep, and see how your hair will turn out in the morning!

i really need ladykave to help me with this HTML thing, so that i can link nicole's (and lady's, and HCJC's and brownbaby's, and violette's, and my other favorite pages) page a lot easier... but Nappyco gave me a lovely hair idea that i just had to try...sloppy two strand twists, accompanied by foam curlers. im going to fall asleep soon, and then i will see how it looks in the mern!

isnt that exciting???!?! oh the little things i can entertain myself with, and make myself happy about!

here are pictures of me in my little old lady curlers.

i hope that it turns out well. i predict i will shift a lot tonight during my beauty rest since i havent slept in curlers in over a decade (no joke).

here is a link to nicole/nappyco's cute flickr page in the meantime. she is my hair inspiration.


if it turns out well, i will take pictures. and if there are no pictures... well, then you know that it did not.


Brown Baby said...

you are hilariously adorable...or adorably hilarious! whichever one makes you not look insane in a bad way :)

Violette Crumble said...

Love the photos. do you have a flickr address?

Also, you certainly do not need to know html to do anything with this blog. Any questions you have can be answered here:

I learned how to customize everything on my blog from this group. Also, to link to any word you are typing in a post just select the word you want to become a link and then click the icon five places over from the font drop-down list on the tool bar right over where you type the text (it looks like the infinity symbol or a sideways 8). A box will pop up and in it you type the URL you want to link to. Make sure http:// is not typed twice. That's it. You will then see that the word you selected is linked to the URL you filled in.

P.S. How is the job?