Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hard Cor

i thought that this series of pictures related to one another. i still make all of these faces.

as you can see, i've been hard cor since my early days. i had my posse of girls, and we'd rollerskate in my basement. and that's right... it's yet another one of my dad's photo shoots where he captured us in the middle of a basement skating session (my dad is a photographer, if ya haven't figured that out by now!)

okay. here is me and john rogers. he's in jail now, but he was my crush all the way from kindercare up until we got to about 5 grade i think. he always treated me like crap, and i would even take a wild guess and say that i probably *asked* if i could sit next to him during whatever school performance we were attending. the look on my face here is classic.

and then you have me here at safety town. i looked PISSED. safety town is where they teach you the rules of the road on big wheels. that was a lot of fun. red light stop green light go. pedestrians, etc. but they were probably trying to explain something to us here, and i wasnt trying to hear it, which is why i looked so Hard Cor.

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