Friday, May 18, 2007

Pozzo, the cat.

For those of you that have never met Pozzo in person, here is a picture of him. This is him in the moment... i couldnt have captured a better picture.

He sleeps like that. Gut sprawled to the side... knocked out. He never curls up like a "normal" cat... i just looked over and there he was, as usual, taking up residence on (his) the couch. If I ever want him to move, he get pissed and meows at me, and the end result is me pushing him off of the couch (or whatever soft surface he's belly up on), and him walking away mad with squinted eyes and a switching tail.

I haven't been home much lately. Clearly my hard work, and overpriced new york city rent goes to this precious catten, mister pazzo... and he proves this to me by sprawling out all over the place.

Also, not a typo...I either type his name Pozzo or Pazzo. His name came from the crazy character in Waiting for Gidot, which in the manuscript is written as Pozzo... but I just spell it with an A sometimes.

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