Wednesday, May 30, 2007

a more tasteful post

perfection. last time i attempted to make the Fineman's salmon croquette's, they didn't turn out very well. i screwed up the sauce (so there WAS no sauce last time), and they were a little dry... and meh. well, this time, they turned out very well. here is a pic, with last nights left over wrinkly asparagus. i managed to snap a picture seconds before i devoured this plate. allikins and the finemans would be very proud! now i have a new dish to serve at dinner parties, and it's definitely a great quick dinner to prepare for when i get home late from work.

here is the recipe. i hope that the fineman's don't mind me sharing it. there were some modifications that i made to it that i'll keep my little secret, but this is what i went from.

Potato- poke holes in it and microwave it for 2-3min. until its soft.
-chop it up into small cubes or just mash it to break it up.

-Onion- chop the onion into small slices/pieces
-in a skillet heat up 1tb. butter and sautee the onion and butter lightly.

-Put the onion and the potato to the side to cool.

-Salmon- Pour the salmon bits into a large bowl.
-season with salt, pepper and I like some crushed garlic but not necessary.
-add in the onion, potato and 1 large egg
-stir it up!

-heat the skillet and cover the bottom of the pan with veg. oil
-wash your hands and then make patties
-I like to coat them in cornmeal before cooking, but not necessary
-lay them gently in the skillet once the oil is HOT. (test it by throwing a little fish in, it should float and sizzle.)
-let them cook for about 3-5 min on med.- med.high heat
-flip and repeat. -let drain on a plate with paper towel.

-melt 1 tb. butter in a sauce pan.
-pour in 1 cup of milk and stir to mix butter and milk
-let it get warmed up, then stir in with a wisk 1/2 cup flour.
-keep whisking the sauce while its on the heat until it starts to get stiff.
-then add pepper and a pinch of nutmeg and stir again
-take pan off the heat set to the side, serve when ready.
(you can double this recipe for more sauce,
but i just wing it by eyeball adding in more milk and then slowly pour in more flour and pepper/nutmeg,,,whisk quickly)

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