Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I'm running out of picture sets/themes, so everything will be pretty random from this point on.

Here is a great picture of one of my brothers. I wish I had another picture of my other brother reflecting the same fashion awesomeness. There are tons of them dressed similarly, and in three piece suits and the like, but those are at home. I have two older brothers that are 10 and 12 years my senior. This is the middle brother.

Check out the three piece suit action!! Shit is haute!!!

Then we have a picture of my mom with dead mark when they first got him as a kitten, and me with dead mark fullgrown.

lastly, here is the best halloween costume that i ever rocked. my mother made it. she sewed it. and i think i wore it to a few parties that year. it looked cute flat, but every time i wore it, my mother would blow up a big black trash bag, and thats what made me round. no airpump... all her own hot air. and then it would deflate by the end of the night, but i rememeber being the coolest kid with the coolest costume at the halloween parties that year!


Brown Baby said...

tell your bro to hollerrrr.
o yeah the second coming goes down june 22nd, lock your doors, booyow!

Elliette's Mom said...

BG's suit was really sharp at the time. That style will be back soon or later.

I'm glad you liked the costume. I wonder why I left it pointed on the bottom. Oh well, we've always prided ourselves on being unique!

Elliette's Mom said...

BG's suit was really sharp at that time. Maybe you can find a pic of PJr.

I'm glad to know you liked the pumpkin costume. As I look at it, I wonder why I left it pointed at the bottom? Ah well, we've always prided ourselves in being unique!

Brian said...

That dude is straight pimpin'

He so fly