Sunday, June 17, 2007


hard to contain excitement while posting this.....

okay. so. i just got home, and i looked on the corner and saw a fresh iron gate... with a lovely awning right on the corner, of my most favoritist, bestest...first hummus-schwarma-backlava(sp)-experience-having restaurant ever...(sorry olive vine cafe... wont be calling you guys anymore, unforch) :-/


thanks again, sweet baby haysue for bringing zaytoons to me....i heart you.

i always talk about how my side of flatbush doesnt have anything. and i dont want it to have TOO much, because it just means that my rent will go up, but this here is a good thing to have.

not good for the pocket book...because i seriously have a weakness for them. best carry out. best delivery. best everything. and its all right here?!!??


(i actually cupped my mouth in excitement upon walking up the street in disbelieve)

ZAYTOONS HAS ARRIVED!!!!! in dark slope! werd to my mom!

*picture depicted is that off the only zaytoons that i know... the one on myrtle. mmmmmm.