Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hello There

One very late night after a friend of a friends holiday party, I met a decent looking man at a bar. It was kind of like out of a movie... I was dancing, and all of a sudden, this dude walks in and begins twirling me around... we were spinning, and laughing, and I had no clue who he was. After that, we exchanged number or whatevs... and then my friend and i, and him ended up at a 24 hour diner. He paid for both of us. And he offered to even pay for our car service home... but we declined. I didn't mind him paying for my food though.

According to the dodgeball december 2006 stats email that i just received, I met this young man on december 17th.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we exhanged some rather bland emails.

hi xxx

it was really nice meeting you last night. thank you again for dinner
(or was it breakfast at that point,considering the hour?).

anywhoo, i'd love to hang out with you again sometime. this week will
be hectic for me, since i havent bought one xmas present yet, and i
have some holiday parties to attend... but let me know if youd like to
get brunch, or a drink or something soon.



we wrote one another back one or two word sentence emails, and then he dropped off the face of the earth until i received this one:

How are you? How are things going?
Are you in town?

I just wanted to say hello



"I just wanted to say hello...Bye?" Wtf is that. Okay, so then a few more days pass by. Im sitting on my couch, and my phone buzzes "Hello There" it says from a mysterious number. I reply back politely asking who it is, and he says it's him.

We proceeded to text back and forth that evening... it didn't really bother me, because it was kind of cute and flirty, but at the same time I'm wondering... why is he asking me what my interests are over texts... why not just call? if you're too shy to call, why not text asking if i can meet on a certain day at a certain time? i haven't been out on a date in... well, going on a year. So, I was eating up this teeny tiny bit of male attention that I was getting.

The last text that I got from him that night said that he'd "give me a ring this week". i was like whatever... cool. But im not holding my breath over it.

Last night towards the end of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (which is my new favorite movie, btw... it has the most amazing tits EVER, and cute boys and girls bouncing everywhere) my phone buzzes with a "hello there". It's him. We had another retarded conversation via texting, where he proceeded to tell me that he was parking and texting me at the same time.


And this happened to another friend of mine. Why get someones phone number, say youre gonna call? and then text...? Why waste my time, and your time, if you're not going to make plans...? I would much rather he not call at all, than send me retarded messages of his where abouts. It would be one thing is we had gone out, and we kept in touch via texting after a date or something, but I met this guy once at 5am... going on a month ago. I can't even remember how tall he is, or what he looks like really. Maybe it was in fact the language barrier... he was speaking french with my friend most of the time... but is this what guys do? Text?

My last reply to him was "Hope you find a spot! Later" and he replied "I'm just going to park in a lot. LOL" and that was it.

mmmmmmeh. whatever. This is my first blog entry... and I hope that everything that I write is more interesting than this.


Lady said...

you're blogarrific

Max said...

Yeah I feel you. Technology is making folks lazy.

Violette Crumble said...

That was a pretty good story actually, but that guy is a schmuck. Don't even respond to him next time. He SNOOZE he LOSE.