Thursday, November 29, 2007

Psssst. 8 dollar boots below, and more.

Wow. I really haven't logged in to this thing since July. Funny, because that's right around the time that I started my job that I-- *knock on wood*, seem to finally be catching on to and getting a handle on. And it's been around a month in a half since I've had to go in to the bathroom and cry at work, so that's good.

My life has certainly changed these last couple of months. I feel like I've turned in to one of those New York City residents I always heard about. Working the long days (Mondays and Tuesdays for me are usually 9am-8,9,10,or 11pm) And trying to figure out how I can get one night just to myself, but I also need to see my girlfriends.

Also never thought i'd be saying this, but I met a very nice young man that's been a part of my life. I met him the day that my Grandmother passed away back in July, and he's been such a great support system for me on that front as well as many others, he's made my life a lot brighter.

I just revisted my blog, and boy do I need a scanner to maintain it. I have so much I want to share about my family, and also want to share with the world what a wonderful person my Grandmother was. But there is so much that I have to say about that, that it's most likely going to be a bit of a series once I get a new scanner to share photos. I also have to get my camera up and running again to shoot stuff I have here in the apartment.

I may not be able to blog once a day like before, but I'm going to try to make a nice post once a week.

Of course the first thing I want to share are these puppies:

These arrived in the mail today... and they are absolutely gorg. This bid on ebay started at .99 cents and went up to 8bux and some change, and I won... Shipping of course was like 7.50... but I got those lovely boots for around 8 dollars. Those boots are the reason why I will never spend money in a real store again. I know if they were in some little brooklyn boutique, they'd go for 100bux easy. The leather is like butter and they fit me to a T. Yes, I'm wearing them tomorrow. I might even sleep in them tonight. The picture doesn't do them any justice.

More goodness to come on my blog. Stay tuned. Most likely after the holidays.



Violette Crumble said...

Yay! You're back! I was missing your amazing blog. I bought a refurbished Canon printer/copier/scanner last year for $100. Check out their site. You can probably even write it off can't ya?

Lou said...

I second that Yay! :)