Sunday, May 11, 2008


I have no pictures, but last night the scientist and I looked after Miss Kendi. I was a little worn out from the night before, and my old ladyness wanted to be in bed by 11pm... well, turned out, her parents movie didnt start until 1030 in the city, and Kendi had napped all day before, some homegirl was up and going and not ready to fall asleep when midnight rolled around.

As usual, there were many highlights of the evening... the first one being turkey and rice on the stove. Followed by mochachip ice cream and some SNL.

Then the blocks came out... and Kendi and the scientist built a fort for her dolls and a my little pony with a chopped off tail. One of the plastic dolls that she had was wearing a skirt that barely covered her crotch (i was trying to type this politely, but the doll looked like a total slut with that outfit on!!!). And the my little pony was just like one I had, except it had futuristic glitter hair.

Kendi is at the age now where she understood that I was sleepy, so she parked up next to me on the couch and we fell asleep with her talking... and I responded in kind trying to keep up. I'd look up and she would go "WHY ARE YOUR EYES OPEN??? you're supposed to be sleeping!!!!" and i'd say "I know! why are YOUR eyes open? go back to sleep then!" and she'd say "well, you're the sleepy one. i'm just watching YOU"... and then i fell back asleep to catch her with her eyes closed. We went back and forth like this for a good hour until I saw that she was completely knocked out, and then I was able to sleep in peace. I got driven home around 2 and proceeded to pass out until this morning around 9 or so.

There will be many more weekends spent with Kendi in the upcoming months that I truly look forward to. She's turning six next month.

Her mom says that shes a little shy around crowds, but I think I'm going to ask Kendi if she'd escort me to the flea market next weekend. I'm sure that I can convince her to come with me if we both wear our favorite color yellow. And we will walk through the ft green flea market and be the two cutest cousins ever.

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