Saturday, April 14, 2007

OOO it's the little things in life...

the highlight of my day was when i was laying on the couch this morning, and then all of a sudden realized that i had been hearing an old school bell ringing outside of my window....i'm sure i'd been hearing it for like 10 mins until it finally registered.... "OMG, that's a bell *peeks out of window*....OMG, that's the bell that Violette said I'd hear when the knife sharpener guys drive around"

i was in house-only shorts and a tank top, had just rolled out of bed not even an hour before, but i got so excited.. threw on my jeans, flip flops a jacket and a scarf to cover up the stained wife beater i had on... but where were my scissors?!?!? i found them after around 2 mins, shuffling through the chaotic state of my apt, and then found the dull scissors under last weeks paper.

i ran (slowly) down the stairs and said *waaait! you guys really exist! my friend told me about you! can you really sharpen my sewing scissors?!" i asked, realizing how silly i'd sounded after i peeked in his truck and saw the crazy sharpening machines inside. "yep, four dollars".

then my neighbor from upstairs came out with some chisels (he's a carpenter), then two more guys from the building across the street, and then from the window i hear my other neighbor who i have the biggest girlie crush on, call my name from her window, asking what i was up to over there at the knife truck.

it was one of those beautiful brooklyn afternoons. and so surreal to see everyone emerge from their apts with knifes and tools in their hands, half scattered hadnt-showered-today looking.

when Violette told me about this when we had our sewing day, i totally didn't believe this guy actually existed. it just sounds so funny to be told "no really.. you know, the knife guy! he just rides around in a little truck and parks ringing a bell and will sharpen anything you need sharpened if you catch him outside"

next time i will have him sharpen my kitchen knife set!! :-D he said they'd be back in around a month.

this pic looks like the knife truck i saw, except mine was green!

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Violette Crumble said...

WOW! I love when things like that happen, and isn't it so old school small Bklyn feeling when everyone is running out with their knives?
What on earth is that red truck though?