Wednesday, April 11, 2007

an evening out is better than no evening at all

that's what my mother would have said if i called and told her about this tonight...

for those of you wondering how that craigslist date went. this IM conversation is all i'm gonna say about it........and i'd also like to add, if youre a guy, dont tell a girl on the first meeting that you were "un-dateable" for the past 2 years, and that everyone who was around you thought that you were bitter, and mean, and you still don't see how that girl stuck around for as long as she did putting up with your behavior... that's so not flattering, and just makes me want to run far far away from you. because if you admit to having a dark side on the first date, i'm almost positive that you will always have a dark side, and i'm not going to want to stick around to see it.

we had good conversation outside of that, and i really liked his sense of humor. he was nicely put together and had very nice teeth. it's always cool meeting new people...and it's better than sitting in my apartment on a chilly night with pazzo watching law and order re runs.

it's spring... i'm lonely! (there, i said it!)...maybe one day my prince will come, but i know it won't be from the list that craig updates daily!!!

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