Sunday, April 29, 2007

sneak preview of glittermini vintage:part two

here is another sneak preview of glittermini vintage. check out my photos! they look just as good as the other stores that i will be up against. hell, they're even better! psssssh...

this weekend was spent shooting around 30 or so articles of clothing on four of my beautiful friends over two days. i couldn't have done it without their help, and also the wonderful eye of miss de la rosa--another one of my very talented friends who is a photographer. without her, i wouldn't have had the idea to shoot my shoes upside down in cutesy poses for instance...and my camera wouldn't have been set correctly... and she even came with those big ole silver reflector plate things that gave everyone a little extra glow.

here is a collage i quickly put together of some of the shots. i am so happy with the outcome.

i am fortunate in that my apartment gets a ton of sunlight, and shooting clothes in natural light is pretty essential, so that my buyers will be able to see exactly what they will be getting.

on another note, after the shoot, molly and i went to the cherry blossom festival (just like every other brooklynite, it seemed!) at the brooklyn botanical gardens. here are a few pictures:

what a great weekend. i haven't had such a productive weekend in sure does feel good to accomplish something...i've got to get to sleep though, because i'm pooped, and when i think about how much photo editing that's ahead of me in the upcoming days, i get dizzy.

i was hoping to have my first listings up by this wednesday, but that depends on how busy my week will be at my *real* job.

p.s. this little japanese sculpture pup had coins all around him, and he's supposed to bring me good luck. he was one of two sculptures outside one of the japanese shrines. i was snuggling up to him really hard to ask him to send good vibes my way.

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Violette Crumble said...

Hooray! The stuff looks fabulous. Do you own a postal scale? You should buy one at Staples or wherever you can because this way you can weigh everything and go to to calculate shipping and later you can click and ship right from your computer and call the post office to pick up a bunch of packages or drop them off yourself. Huge time saver.