Saturday, April 7, 2007

I'm Dreaming of a White Easter!

Right. So. It's been blizzarding, and flurry-ing the entire time I've been here. My brother said that on his way up from the windy city, they had to pull over, because it was like driving in the middle of a snow globe, and they were fishtailing on the highway, which caused them to drive 15mph at times, making that usual 5hr drive a heck of a lot longer than it would have been in sunny conditions.

My flight leaves tomorrow, but they don't lay salt here on the weekends (don't ask why, because i've never known the answer to this question. its not like it only snows in michigan monday-friday)... so it will be interesting to see whether or not my flight is delayed tomorrow night. Because, as of now, there isn't any movement, in or out from DTW...because of ice. ice. ice. ice. dammit!

p.s. please take note of the "feels like" column of the chart, because it really does feel like that outside. Why don't they just say that the *feels like* temperature is the REAL temperature? dummies!! dummies i tell you!

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Angelina said...

Are you serious about no salt on the week-ends? That is so funny, unless you happen to be stuck in Michigan because of it. That is really strange. I think you should call the city to find out if there's some actual reason they object to salting the runways on week-ends.

You are probably getting tired of that cold cold cold blizzardy weather, but I admit I'm a little jealous. Seriously. I wish we got more snow and cold here. But at least I get some snow here.

Are you going to report on the vintage clothes shopping?