Sunday, April 1, 2007

my latest skirt

Violette Crumble came over today and helped me get back into my sewing groove. Last month, I got frustrated with my machine, and put it back on the floor. I was mad at it. Everytime I would start sewing, the thread would bunch up like crazy--it was just a matter of me not threading my machine properly, and I grew frustrated, and would give up. I've made a few things on my own successfully (a jumper, a shirt or two, and an a-line skirt that i made in a sewing class over a year ago), so i know i can do it. i just get tripped up by the technical problems!

Anywhoo, this is how my late sunday afternoon was spent. I pinned it on my dressform for you to see. It's a simple three piece pattern, and it has a very nice shape. I love how it flows, and when I hem it, it should be the perfect length. I have to sew in the zipper, but if i follow violette's instructions, it should turn out okay. The fabric was so cheap, that if it doesn't turn out, I won't feel TOO bad, because the stuff was only like 99 cents a yard on sale when I went home to the JOAnn fabrics. The fabric is kind of crazy too, doesn't it look like microbes or something? I will have to be in the same whacky mood I was in when I bought it, when I actually wear it!

Here are the back and side views. Wish me luck finishing it!!

p.s. Pazzo was a little bastard during the process. He bit Violette! He parked his fat cat butt on top of the directions, and when she went to show me something, he just snapped. I felt so bad, and embarassed--it was like he was acting like that bad child that no one wants to admit to being associated with when they act out... I'm still mad at him. I'm sorry Violette... next time you come over, I will make sure I have a cat cage, and I'll lock him up!

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Angelina said...

I've just come over from Violette's blog. I love this fabric and the skirt you're making is super cute.

A cranky sewing machine can really ruin the sewing experience. I've had a kind of love/hate relationship with sewing all my life. Less so now that after twenty years (!) I finally have a really nice machine.

Hang in there. And zippers aren't too bad.