Thursday, April 12, 2007

A sneak preview of Glittermini Vintage

After work, i went over to Mr. & Mrs. Finemans apt for a yummy dinner and had my first attempt at shooting the clothes that will go on my ebay store. I still have a lot of figuring out to do, and have to figure out the right time of day (since I don't have a studio or anything...right space, etc. I've looked at several other stores for reference, and have always liked the ones where the models are taken in a lived in space--something about it seems more fun and natural. So, I definitely want it to have the same feel, but just have to figure out the lighting situation and need to do it at a time where my subjects and I aren't working off of full bellies, and fighting off the tiredness that hit us come midnight after we all had very long days at work.

Anywhoo, here is a sneak peek of some of the pics and clothes. But this is only like 4 out of the 25+ clothes I have to shoot!

This is proving to be quite the undertaking. I think that it will also be a lot easier when I get my own tripod. But, I know itll all come together eventually.

The middle picture is of the stripped shirt that got to keep. Ain't she cute? She said she'd give me 12 bux for it... but I just wouldn't have felt right taking her money, especially since I paid no where near 12bux for it!

It's also going to be so hard to ask my friends to model these things, because I want to give them all of my finds, but I have to stay focused and remember that they're for the store!! So I will have to repay them in brunches, beer, hugs, and kisses, and many thank you's:)Because if I give them all away, then I won't have any inventory!!! My dressform will also come in handy, but it's also good to have an actual model with the clothes on so that the buyer can see how it hands on a human. I know I tend to buy the stuff that I see, and just try to judge how it will fit me based on how it fits another human.

p.s. i think that the most successful is the picture of the blue dress (the shot on the left), its clear, and very color accurate. We used Aarons camera for that, and shot it in their elevator that was made of stainless steel... but that's the quality that i am aiming for.


German Girl (A) said...

That blue dress is so damn cute I'm trying really hard not to beg you for it. Will bid on it like everyone else instead (what size is it?). Like the idea of photographing these in an environment too. You're welcome to shoot in my apartment (maybe we can use Nick's camera).

Violette Crumble said...

Cool! You're going to brighten these up in Photoshop first though, right? I hope you make good $$

Nicole said...

I told you german girl would look cute in that blue dress! I hope we're talking about the same german girl @_@

Elliette Devine said...

there is another blue dress that i think that our friend 'german girl a' will like even more. it's very similar to a teal velvet dress that i gave to our other german friend, miss konrad. also, yes, these photos need mucho photo shop work. aaron knew what he was talking about regarding the white piece of paper thing. also, reena said that she'd help me shoot! it's so nice to have such a wonderful group of friends, and i feel so lucky to have 3 photography friends that have offered to help me shoot in the past 48 hours! that's so cool. hopefully my store will kick ass! i am working all weekend on getting the ebay template page together, then i still have to measure everything! and then come the listings... once i launch a few items, ill be on track, but getting it up and running has definitely kept me busy... not to mention making a myspace page for it, and word-of-mouthing it, and all that. i hope that i get something out of it. its just nice to feel excited about something for once!

Lady said...

i am so excited for your new venture and i just know that your amazing eye will make it a success! can't wait for our shoot tomorrow!!!