Friday, April 27, 2007

these pics beat the clown pic

i find this little series of pictures more disturbing than the clown.

okay. so i had my birthday parties like every other midwestern girl at Chuck E. Cheese.

i have no clue how chuck e cheese is now, haven't been in there since i was a kid, but i can't imagine that this day in age, chuck e. is still robotic and whatnot. has he gone digital? do kids just go there and watch him on a screen and play video games, rather than play and catch one another germs in the plastic balls?

i present to you my friends... 3 snap shots of one of my birthday parties.

first: the band

chuck e's groupies... he came to say hi(thats my forehead in the corner btw, with the birthday cone hat):

and then there is this:

WHAT THE EFF is going on here? that's right. That's me. Bent over, getting what appears to be a birthday spanking from Mr.Chuck himself. I must have been a naughty girl that year!

I told you that there were more disturbing childhood pics from where the others came from! But this birthday party series certainly takes the cake for me.

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