Friday, April 20, 2007

my house

Damien just told me that a bee is flying around his apt, and that just made me think of this picture of my dad. When I was around 7 or so, my dad built me a house. Thats him building it in the garage, and then it moved to the backyard. It had a screen door and everything, and I would have my friends over and we'd enjoy one anothers company.

Well, one day, the thing got overun by bees and hornets. So I stopped playing in it, because no matter how much my dad sprayed, they just wouldn't go away.:(

I loved that house though. And my dad kicks ass, because he made that thing from scratch for me.

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Angelina said...

Right before I read the part where you said "my dad kicks ass" I was thinking "your dad kicks ass!". I am not lying.

That is so cool of him to have built you such a cute little house to play in. My dad was not into doing stuff like that.